“WE ARE THE MONSTERS”, New Album is coming!
by on October 20, 2013 3:23 PM in News

Soon you’ll be listening to our first album “We Are The Monsters”! It contains 12 tracks, recorded at Tomeu Destructor’s studio (The Quatermass) and mastered by Hay Zeelen. This is the wonderful cover, worked by: Carpi Malone: Pencil Alex Femenías: Color

caratula-final-LOW Cada vez falta menos para sacar nuestro primer Album “We Are The Monsters”!!  Contendrá 12 temas, grabado en el estudio de Tomeu Destructor (The Quatermass) y masterizado con Hay Zeelen. Esta es la maravilla de portada que se han currado: Carpi Malone: Lápiz Alex Femenías: Color

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