RELEASED: 05/03/2014
ARTIST: The Monster Ones
LABEL: Punkaway - Old Kids Brigade - Picnic Records
We are the monsters

Cecile The Beast: Lead vocals
Carpi Malone: Guitar & back vocals
V: Guitar & back vocals
Maf: Drums & back vocals

Recorded and mixed by Tomeu ‘Spector’ at Tomeu Destructor’s Recording Studio, at Llubí, Mallorca. Mastered by Hay Zeelen Mastering at Santanyí, Mallorca. All songs written and monsterized by The Monster Ones.

Musical collaborations: Elvis Lugosi (bass), Alex Femenías (powerful back vocals), Tomeu Destructor (guitar on Always Elm Street).

Front artwork by Carpi Malone (illustration) & Alex Femenías (color)
Back artwork by Alex Femenías (illustration and color)
Layout work & monster logo by Ciso Gráfico.


1. Monster Heroes 04:34
2. Alien Paradise 03:10
3. Solo El Solo 03:42
4. Swamp Thing’s Lover 02:32
5. Radioactive Dog 03:10
6. Black Roller 02:21
7. Joker 02:58
8. The man who was The Death 04:33
9. Always Elm Street 03:54
10.Rat 04:32
11.Bloody Stones 03:27
12.Black suede night 05:02

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