ARTIST: The Monster Ones
Bat thunder

Cecile The Beast (Lead Vocals)
Carpi Malone (Guitar/Backvocals)
V (Guitar/Backvocals)
Bernat Oscuridad (Bass/Midi-chlorians)
Martian Alien Form (Drums/backvocals)

All songs written by The Monster Ones, except “Funnel of love” written by Charles McCoy/Kent Westbury and “Spectacular Spiderman” written by The Tender Box.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Tomeu Destructor at DST Studio, Mallorca, Spain.

Mastered at Atomic Studio, Oregon USA.

Artwork by Carpi Malone. Layout work by Ciso Grafico.


1. W.A.T.M.O 02:00
2. The thunder 04:29
3. Dirty nights 02:17
4. Sons of iron 04:35
5. Funnel of love 02:11
6. Slasher 03:58
7. Gloria 02:33
8. Blade and wings 04:42
9. Body snatchers 04:23
10.Spectacular Spiderman 02:32
11.Corsarios 03:17

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